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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Totyota Vitz ,Yaris,Echo

Totyota Vitz ,Yaris,Echo
Manufactured By Toyota

Names: - Yaris, Vitz and Echo

Production: - 1999-Present

Class FF layout (Front-engine, Front-wheel drive)
Transmission(s) 4-speed automatic
5-speed manual CVT

Vitz 1999-2009

Vitz compare to its value is little high for the car for its self. Though in early 2000's when this car was introduced in Pakistan, the importers did not knew that the car will be flop , but as the time passed people started liking the shape and when it was compared with our local Suzuki Alto 1000 cc people started taking Vitz Seriously.Vitz originally was launched as Yaris in Europe and was also voted as the Car of the year in 2000 defeating a model of Fiat with a very few difference.Drive and comfortAlthough in beginning the car drive for Pakistani road was not bad but the car used to touch speed breaker once it was crossed, meaning by the road clearance of the car was not good at all. More then three people at the back of seat meant the car will defiantly touch the ground, as the matter of fact this is not fault of cars, the cars are design by default for the country it is made for keeping view the road , weather and the traffic condition.So by saying fault of maker would not be the right word. But our local mechanics and car dealers present their own theory.I think car gets 70 marks out of 100 in comfort as it’s not bad for our road, by higher it some 1feet above the ground the car get its road clearance.

Engine specs Available 1.0 L 1SZ-FE I4 50 kW (68 hp)

1.3 L 2NZ-FE I4 63 kW (86 hp)

1.4 L I4 55 kW (75 hp)

diesel1.5 L 1NZ-FE I4 78 kW (106 hp)

RS: 1.5 L I4 Turbo, 150 hp (110 kW)

Length 47.0 in (3734mm)
Width 65.4 in (1661mm)
Height 59.1 in (1501 mm

2005 model Also known Second generation

In 2005 they say they have done quite few changes and onwards I had once or twice driven the car. Everybody have their own views about driving no doubts the drive of car is immaculate but a car in the price that has been offer in our country I have my own reservations . A car with out a back space after installation of CNG cylinder is little too much.In the time where the economy is hitting down all automobile around the world Pakistani cars are getting expensive but lets talk about the prices at the end. Lets talk about what difference have they madeThe previous 4-cylinder 1.0 VVT-i engine was replaced by the 3-cylinder engine also found in the Toyota Aygo and Daihatsu Sirion. The 1.3 liter engine was revised to offer slightly more power, and the 1.4 D-4D got a 15 PS (11 kW) boost to 90 PS (66 kW), the former engine allowing it to achieve exceptional fuel economy. The Yaris became the first car in its class to offer nine airbags.As I have driven the car well it feels good the car if it is in good condition its as good as new. Perhaps yes they have tried and have somehow made it a better running machine and not to forget it has its number on top cars in Europe so no joke.But that does not mean that we do not have our reservations we can and have them any time.

Well all I think of when I talk about Japanese car they always try to luxuries and better the performance of vehicle i don't know Suzuki Company is trying to take out all possible luxuries and all possible betterment of engine. They are getting pathetic. What else could be said that they have not even given a defogger they say that we are manufacturing the car for Pakistan I may add talking of Pakistan its more than 60% area needs a defogger in car but well again we have no options left do we?

So if we discuss about buying alto and Vitz lets see the difference.I tried finding something from their web site but unfortunately they don't have any thing to say about it I tried loading Jimny another of their brand it pop open meaning by which the alto does not deserve any marketing it has its own.Buying a Vitz in PakistanThe difference of prices are there if we talk of cities like Rawalpindi,Karachi,Lahore,Peshawar and Islamabad (there are more cities but for time being we will talk about some of them) but they are depended upon your buying power and from whom you are buying for example

websites like,, or may be are some of sites where you may find dealers or original seller selling their cars where you have room of 50,000 to 100,000 Pak rupees to buy a car of your like but on your own risk.

I know one of dealer who loves to sell vitz in Rawalpindi on Mall road is 11th way motors that buy and sell vitz not only that but on Sundays puts on Vitz Mella. Nice marketing tech but you need to bargain a lot with them their contact 0321-5372911.Keeping the values I am telling you prices with difference of 50,000 to 100,000 depending their looks and CNG cost.

Another dealer well I normally entre names of people who you cn trust a little bit , is in Islamabad works with the name of CarCliff in G-8 their contact number is 0321-50000843.
Well as i say bargain with them alot :)

1. Vitz can be bought from ranges of models like 1999-2002 was before the economy crises ranged from PRs 475000/- to PRs550000/- depending about their exterior and CNG option.Which after economy crises has gone to PRs 575000/- to PRs 600,000 .The clear difference is of PRs100,000 /-

· 2002-2003 model Vitz was PRs 5, 50,000/- to 600,000 has now gone to PRs6, 50,000 to PRs6, 75,000 again keeping in view the CNG fitted ones. The difference here is again of 100,000 Pak rupees.

· 2003-2004 model Vitz comes in two packages as what our car dealers says but as a matter of fact no big deal they can be replaced from Afghani parts but as they say FL(fully luxury) and F Package which I really don’t know stands for may be one of you could explain. The price of F package is 6, 75,000 to 700,000 and FL is 700,000 to 7, 50,000PRs CNG in this price is a preference. By the way the only difference that I have come to know and seen is of interior color nothing else so 50,000 extra for beauty is of no use I think. Before economy crisis the price for individual was not more then 600,000 there we go again a 100,000 boost.

· 2005-2006 has two option one of which is self start with a button I didn’t get that theory but increasing in price is big NO it should b of same price which is more or less 8, 50,000 to 9, 50,000 PRs. Come on for this price there are a lot more options in cars but I don’t know you are the judge your self if you need a car which is 2006 meaning by 3 years old and worth you a million PRs it really is not fair. Where I see things changes a bit day by day yes the prices will come down till now the bubble is getting bigger every day and yes quite so many people are telling us that but the bubble once pop out you bet the price of this model will not cross 600,000 to 700,000 which again is a lot but yes the car worth a fair deal on it. As I have discussed early as they are called as second generation car and yes they have modified to better their performance so cannot say No to this amount.

· 2007 worth 1 million PakRupees WOW they are same as above 2005,2006 models but the money is because of import is now expensive so not the dealers fault, yes ours defiantly because we are buying it any ways.

Suzuki Alto Well Alto has its own market and I or you or no one can challenge its market though the economy has defiantly gave a difficult time to sell alto in local market because of which the Suzuki has lower it prices down to 6,69,000 PakRupees for CNG fitted and AC fitted car.
The interesting thing is that they have another model which is of 5, 70,000 which has nothing (no Ac and no CNG)
I wonder why they call it car then.

In 2000 the alto was introduced in Pakistan and had a major market grip thanks to local bank they gave alto 1000cc which is actually 970 cc car on easy installment. At that time the Alto was even at the price of buying so talking of now and 2005,2006,and 2007 the market share went to Toyota vitz because of its luxury compare to Suzuki Alto no match.
Suzuki Alto Japanese

Interesting thing I saw was there was an alto same shape as ours its was 660cc I guess and the good things were it was automatic , with air bags, defogger ,power windows , ABS breaks and it was kind of comfortable then the local. The price of it was not more then 500,000Rs at that time I don’t know but should not be more then this at this time either but you never know. But either ways if you get hold one of those you got the best thing on road sir. By the way it sounds better then the one which is of Rs 5, 75,000only.

My question all the time with Suzuki people are those simple things too expensive for Pakistani people or are we getting punishment for you introducing in Pakistan. Well that was just my feeling no offence Suzuki.So talking of difference the body, Power, steering, breaking looks, style and most of important comfort speaks reliability speaks well my vote for vitz.
But we forgot spare part

Spare Parts

Peshawar (Shoba Market)

Lahore (Bilal Gunj)

Rawalpindi/Islamabad (Sultan ka khu or Hathi Chowk)


There are few outlets where you can find new parts too but they get little expensive.
Other wise if you know some please let me know we will share with all.
Vitz Parts

I am writing rates of Kabuli ones which are available in Rawalpindi at shop name “Atta Wali Kahn Autos” Glass factory Chowk Haq Nawaz Rd Contact # 051-5953044 Cell 0300-9564531.
Why him? Well because compare to a lot other people I have found him little reasonable and ethical too. But because he is a Pathan well you can and have to bargain a little with him.
The rates below are subjected to change with availability and market value so these are not exact rates.

For 1999-2003 (Kabuli)

Bumpers = Rs8000/ for both
Doors=Rs17000/- for all four
Bonnet= Rs 10,000/-
Back door (digge)= Rs5000/-
Lights = Rs 4500/-Front both
Dashboard = Rs7000/- complete
Seats and other can be check by calling him .

For 2004 (Kabuli)

Bumpers = Rs12000/ for both
Doors=Rs17000/- for all four
Bonnet= Rs 10,000/-
Back door (digge) = Rs5000/-
Lights = Rs 8000/-Front both
Dashboard = Rs10, 000/- complete
Seats and other can be check by calling him. Well probably rates are not so different of 2004 from above as they share the same shapes so well rates can always be readjusted from him.

For 2005-2007 (Kabuli)

Bumpers = Rs18000/ for both
Doors=Rs70, 000/- for all four
Bonnet= Rs 10,000/- to 15,000Rs
Back door (digge)= Rs12,000/-
Lights = Rs 12,000/-Front both
Dashboard = Rs35, 000/- complete
Seats and other can be check by calling him.

Well here is where my old friend Alto wins that the spare are really cheap by the way it should be because the shapes have been same all the way long. But as I say keeping camels you need to have height for your doors. So no big deal I remember when they came in the rates were of 1999-2004 model were really high so in no spam of time the dust for up model will also settle don’t worry.

Please when ever buying a car whether is any brand any make, make sure you have a comfortable car to drive because comfort and safety has no match with money remember please
So for vitz I have tried to update you as much as I can, my next topic will be of Platz, Toyota Corrola, Honda, Mini Pajero (Mitsubishi), Mitsubishi car and a lot like that so keep in logging.

Please remember as the travel dua says We(Allah) has given you this ride you don’t have any control on what given to you and we all will return to Allah.
Drive safe, don’t use mobile while driving and remember there is fun in driving fast but drive where you don’t have any life to risk!


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